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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 60 English Subtitles


At the beginning of the Episode, we find that Seferiye Hatun has been captured by the vizier Husamettin, but there the Sultan Alp Arslan arrives. He can no longer harm anyone. But meanwhile the Sultan’s elder brother Yakuti Bey shot an arrow from behind and killed them. As a result, Wazir Husamettin fled from there. But Yakuti Bey followed Husamettin, the vizier. and killed all his soldiers including him.

Next we see General Roman Diozan arriving at Annecy. But once there, General Roman Diozan ordered his troops to capture Count Leon. The Roman Diozan informed him that he would accompany them to Constantinople, and there he would be brought before the court, as he was accused of having killed numerous Christian soldiers.

Next we find Kavurt Bey declaring a rebellion in the Seljuk capital and moving from there to Kirman. Kavurt Bey declared the Sultanate there in the fort. And stamps his own name. and reciting the sermon.

Next we see Roman Diozan visiting Sultan Alp Arslan at the Seljuk palace. The main reason he came was to take Bagrat away. But Sultan Alp Arslan did not agree to this proposal. Roman Diozan then threatened Sultan Alp-Arsalan: We accept you as Sultan, if you do not give Bagrat in return, then we will accept Kavurt Bey as Sultan.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 60 English Subtitles

Roman Diozan gave Sultan Alp Arslan a map. Which was sent by Kaiser Dukas, that is, the Byzantine Emperor. And this map is basically of the Byzantine border. And these places will never be found by Sultan Alp-Arsalan, he sends this gift to convey this message. Sultan Alp Arslan sets fire to the map, and wants to imply that we will have the fire of our wrath at Anyi, which will extend to Constantinople.

Next we find Sultan Alp Arslan leaving for Kirman. But Kavurt Bey knows which way Sultan Alp Arslan will come, so he sets a trap that way, but Yakuti Bey, Sultan Alp-Arsalan’s elder brother, finds out, and goes after the attackers, Kavurt Ber soldiers while Sultan Alp Arslan and his As they were about to attack the army, Yakuti Bey killed them, thereby saving Sultan Alp Arslan again.

Alparslan Episode 60 English Subtitles

Then we find Sultan Alp Arslan crossing that trap and marching towards Kirman, before Sultan Alp Arslan reached Kirman, Yakuti Bey reached there. He comes and talks to Kavurt Bera, and tries to make him understand in various ways, and slaps him when he doesn’t understand. And there after all this appeared Sultan Alp-Arsalan. He meets Yakut Bey for the first time.

He was fascinated by her. Sultan Alp Arslan realized that it was his elder brother Yakuti Bey who was protecting him from behind. Sultan Alp Arslan wanted to go there to capture Kavurt Bey, but his elder brother Yakuti Bey refused. He wanted to settle the matter here, so he asked Kavurt Bey to apologize, and Kavurt Bey agreed to do so.

Alparslan The Great Seljuk Episode 60 English Subtitles

But when Kavurt Bey came to bow down and ask for forgiveness, he tried to kill Sultan Alp Arslan with a hidden knife. And immediately its soldiers started shooting arrows. So when Sultan Alp Arslan hid behind Kavurt Ber, the arrows were shot into Kavurt Ber’s chest. And Kavurt Bay was badly injured. And when he was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him brought dead. But basically he’s not dead, it’s a trap.

Next we see, Count Leon is helped by his trusted soldier Hadrian to escape, and the two of them make their escape, breaking down the door as they make their escape, Roman Diozan soldiers come from behind, and there is a short fight, but Hadrian and Count Leon was captured.

Then we find, after the conquest of Anyi, in order to maintain relations with the Armenians, the Yakut Bey Dive Alp Arslan proposed marriage to the daughter of the chief of the Armenians. Seferiye Hatun was very angry when he heard that.

Meanwhile, Sultan Alp Arslan went to meet the chief of the Armenians, there they talked about the peace treaty, and finally proposed marriage, the chief of the Armenians called his daughter to ask for her consent, when the daughter appeared before Sultan Alp-Arsalan, everyone was shocked, Because the girl is the girl that Sultan Alp Arslan saw in the forest.

Through these events Alp Arslan Buyuk Seljuklu Episode: 59 ends here, we will see in the next Episode i.e. Alp Arslan Buyuk Seljuklu Episode: 60, what will be the fate of Count Leon? What will Kavurt Bay do now? Is Sultan Alp Arslan going to marry a second time? more

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 60 English Subtitles

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