Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 20

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 20 English Subtitles

Hayreddin sees Luna and Luzato leaving Aydin’s house and watches. Aydin says that Luna was one of the suspects on the ship. Hayreddin asks Aydin to take the wounded to the hospital and starts talking to the soldiers to get inside.

After listening to the dervish, the soldiers let them in. Hayreddin immediately began asking questions about the stolen cannons and Kanmancases. Kemankes was arrested on a judge’s order and someone kidnapped Sayer. Batista takes Medici to a secret location and tells her to hurry and tell Hayreddin about this.

Hayreddin says he will go find his sister first and then find the cannons the army revealed to him. Hayreddin tells Luna a story of what happens to Sayer. After that, Luna left the hospital and went straight to Sashshuvar.

Sahasuvara angrily talks about Saiyar’s kidnapping, but Luna quickly tells Sahasuvara her plan. When Luna learns that Doria is coming this way, she orders her soldiers to hold off Hayreddin.

As Barbarossa speaks to Hunker, he releases Kemankes and goes with him to the harbor. Aydin says he is approaching by ship. Doria approaches Hayreddin and Kemankes and takes them with Luna’s knights, but when Luna stops them outside Doria’s palace, Luna uses this opportunity and tells Doria to go to Ayaz’s palace. watch more

The knights follow the knights, separated from the guard creatures individually, and Luna soon orders them to Ayaz’s palace to protect her sister.

Doria talks to Luna again and so agrees to raid the palace on her orders to occupy it. Hayreddin imprisons Ayaz, but he mistakenly senses that something is wrong. After what Kemankes says, Suleiman insists that Ayaz is innocent and says that he took Doria to Charles in the cannons. Charles and the Pope eagerly attempt to fire the Ottoman cannons, but the cannons explode over the side. more

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